Summer Program

Summer Programs

Do you already know how your children will spend this summer?

Center for Children’s Sciences “Happy Start” presents you a NEW CLUB with an interesting and informative program, which includes:

Da Vinci Club
– science and creativity!

Professionals club
– familiarity with new professions
– the opportunity to “earn” money and “spend” them at our fair

Traveling around the world
– familiarity with different countries, their culture, language and interesting facts

The house I live in
– learning scrapbooking
– making your family photo albums

Health, fitness and sport with the best fitness instructor
– healthy diet
– healthy habits
– sports and success stories of famous athletes

“Mini kindergarten”
– summer program, where each week is thematic


“Soon to school”

– reading, writing, math, English, Lego and creativity

“I love to study”
– reading, writing, math, English, Lego and creativity

By purchasing a summer subscription for one or more thematic weeks until the end of May, you get a 15% discount.
Purchasing a summer subscription for one or more themed weeks IN JUNE, you get a 10% discount

Schedule and cost

Happystart - lessons

Integrated Learning Program

We partner with parents to raise  harmoniously developed childen. How?

  • First, we introduce various types of activities – intellectual, physical, and creative – so that children do not get bored or tired.
  • Secondly, all assignments are relevant to the psycho-physiological characteristics of each age group.
  • Thirdly, an important part of our lessons is to teach children to communicate with each other.

This will make it easier for the child to adapt in any team, reduce stress and ultimately grow harmony.

Happy Start

Preparation for school

Modern school curriculum requires a fairly large amount of knowledge from a first grader and for some children that transition into school can be overwhelming.

One way to limit the stress for a child entering school is to be prepared.

That is why we focus on school preparation.

All our programs are designed specifically for each age group and help the child to develop and obtain knowledge in a playful and interactive way.

This approach is an excellent base for a life-long learning process.

Happy Start


“I have been learning English since I was 5 years old. I know 26 types of verb tenses, all forms of irregular verbs and Shakespeare’s poems by heart. But when I hear English, I often don’t understand simple phrases because of pronunciation, I don’t immediately answer a simple question – I get lost, and if I need to talk on the phone, my mind goes blank ”

Is it a familiar story? Good knowledge of grammar, large vocabulary, but at the same time – difficulties in communicating in English.

This is a common challenge in language learning. To avoid this we teach English differently. We do not burden children with articles and endings. The main goal is to make the child speak English without being afraid to make mistakes.

Art Studio

ART Studio

We often hear that today’s children are less interested in painting, sculpting and other creative work. Maybe this is true, and the reason might be that they have been given access to smartphones and ipads from early age.

But we recognize the importance of letting a child direct his energy into creative activities, in order to develop fine motor skills and boost the imagination.

Then, how to solve the issue of children’s creativity burnout? Pablo Picasso said: “Inspiration exists, but it comes while working”.

At Happy Start we do everything we can to make the environment ready and attractive for children to create: we have equipped classrooms, hired talented teachers, prepared a good program and a huge amount of pencils, colored paper, clay and other materials.

The next step is yours! Sign up for our ART studio!


LEGO Education

You might wonder if Lego has anything to do with education.

Albert Einstein said: “Education is not learning the facts, but training the mind to think.”

Lego bricks are amazing tools in the learning process and one of the reasons is that children will have a natural desire to learn new things, explore the world around, experiment and observe.

Supported by the teacher and our special designed lesson plans, it makes learning into a playful adventure.

Happy Start

GEO Club and Science Lab

What do you do when your little one comes to you with another question:

– What color is the air?

– Why does oil flow slowly and water fast?

– In Africa there is the jungle, what is there in Australia?

– What are the “proteins and carbohydrates” that Mom makes me eat every day?

Dear parents! A quiz for you. What is the most popular answer that parents give?

  1. “Ask dad / mom / grandmother / grandfather …”
  2. “When you grow up, you will find out”
  3. “Well, baby, proteins are such high-molecular organic substances, consisting of alpha-amino acids, connected in a chain by a peptide bond” (extract from Wikipedia =)
  4. Your own answer.

We find theanswers in a language that children understand – together we make experiments in the mini-lab, observe and find answers to the famous question: “Why?”

Мини детский сад

Mini Kindergarten

Is your child already 2-3 years old? On one hand it is time to get used to bigger groups of people and on the other hand the child is still very much attached to Mom or Dad?

Dear families, good news for you! Sign up for our Mini Kindergarten and participate in the first classes with your child! 

What if the child does not want to do anything? Moms, be an example! What you will do today in class instead of a child, tomorrow, child will join you and the day after tomorrow – child will do independently.

In our lessons we focus on correct speaking skills, development of thinking, attention, creativity and basics of etiquette.

Our goal is to value your child’s uniqueness.